Darkness in the daylight,

Nightmare amidst sleepless nights,

Hands tainted with blood,

Abuses in our tongue,

Savage have humans become.

Engulfed by the Cimmerian shade.

At that moment, arose the Devine, unfailingly

To unveil the ultimate truth,

To purge our souls of the blighted.

To sever honour from ignominy.

To right the wrongs.

To crown us ‘the garland of splendour’.

Strength Through Unity,
Unity through Strength

Warriors are we,

Sailing on the realms of the gigantic ocean of Life.

Warriors are we,

Exploring the unfathomed sea of Life,

Echoing ‘ Strength Through Unity,

Unity through Strength’.

The Inevitable Journey

O! King of kings,

Immortal soul is His.

Take not birth but an incarnation,

Where sons of God inhabited.

A form in formless.

Gradually disappeared,

In the midst of the Loktak Lake.

With its hostile force

Will rise and Illuminate,

the Hope and Happiness.

To thy eternal,

Kingdom of Kangleipak.

Mightiest Warrior.

The Mightiest Warrior

Who sheds his blood but unbowed

Fleeing the fears

With courage and bravery

Wisdom and strength

Truth and justice

Over their graves,

Surviving the most gruesome battle

To protect and defend thy motherland.


At the crack of dawn

Lingered at the crossroads

‘Ema’, our mother,

The benevolent one.

Merciful of all and impatient of none.

Bestowed she, tears of blessings,

Upon her son

And paved the way for him

To plant the flag of victory

Our Motherland

Brothers are we!

Borne of the same mother,

Sundered by communities.

Us, who drank the sweet nectar of her amaranthine love.

Unthinking of her, did we combat.

Futile are the crusades that marked a hiatus between us.

Before we lose the spirit of brotherhood into evanescence,

Let us come forward,

And cry out to the world,

Who we are,

‘Children of the same Mother’.


Eternal is our selfless love for her

Our Motherland.

Unflinching are our hearts in the face of danger.

Comes autumn,

to be embraced with our unfailing love.

Lamentably, at the unhappy hour

Ignorance did befell us, children of Kangleipak

Triggering chaos and upheaval

Justice prevails as the Seven Salai

of the Meiteis soar up

To unveil its virtue.To rebirth a new world.

To rebirth a new world.

With harmony and unity in our blood.


Zest for advancement towards self-reliance.


SALAI envisions an exploitation free society without poverty, inequality and social injustice having to discriminate one against the other, a future in which poor and marginal farmers, prospective entrepreneurs, educated unemployed and socially excluded people participate in the making of an equitable and sustainable nation. In time, Agricultural Revolution will lead to Industrial Revolution resulting in progress and prosperity of the farmers, small scale producers, entrepreneurs and other sections of the society.


Dispersion of Self-Reliance.


SALAI HOLDINGS Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in the year 2014 with the unanimous chapter-wise decision of the Management Committee of SALAI Group of Companies operating in India. It comprises of numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses. To expand the modus operandi of the volume of business the group is diversified into -
1. SMART Society.
2. SMART Universal Academy.
3. SALAI Laithou Shanglen.
4. SALAI Charei Phiseng.
5. SALAI International Trade Co. Ltd. Hainan.
6. SALAI International Japan.
7. MAPAM International Hongkong.
8. SALAI International FZC Ajman, UAE.
9. Forest City Project In Malaysia With Country Garden. 10. SALAI Destiny Info Tech Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal.
11. Fizroy SALAI Venture Pvt. Ltd.
12. SALAI Land Development & Agricultural and Allied Activities Co-Operation Credit Society Ltd.
13. SALAI Financial Services.
14. SALAI PAN International Public Ltd.
15. SALAI Defence Technology Pvt. Ltd.
16. SALAI Construction Pvt. Ltd.
17. SALAI Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.
18. SALAI Mart Pvt. Ltd.
19. SALAI Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20. SALAI InfoTech Ltd.
21. SALAI Agri Consortium Pvt. Ltd.
22. SMART Medicos.
23. SALAI Bio Diversity Park Pvt. Ltd.
24. SALAI Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.
25. SALAI Asia Pacific Region EXIM Pvt. Ltd.
26. North East New Town Development Co. Pvt. Ltd.
27. North East Project Development Co. Pvt. Ltd.

                          Salai Group of Companies has a powerful influence on the development of North-East India and will be a major driving force behind the “Vision 2020” of the Look East Policy of Indian Economy. Thus, SALAI Group of Companies has been formed along the ongoing transformational journey of smart society in India towards a Self-Reliant Smart Society. SALAI has been partnering with international companies and firms such as MEIWA CO. Ltd., FUJISHIJKIN and AGICO to widen its propaganda and to make aware to the people around the globe, the importance of relying on the self.